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PS Form 6002 - Accounts and Services to be Paid Through CAPS

Accounts and Services to be Paid Through CAPS

Provide the following information for permits or PC postage accounts to be linked to your CAPS account:

AEC (Address Element Correction) and/or ACS (Address Change Service) Payment
Please check if applicable.

Account Type      BRM = Business Reply Mail        MR = Return Services
PD = Postage Due P = Periodicals
PI = Permit Imprint PV = PC Postage Vendor
EM = USPS Corporate Account

Permit Number and Permit
Name /PC Postage Acct.
(See above)
City, State & ZIP Code
(Where permit is held)
Date to Link
(Allow 7-10 days)

Use additional page if necessary.
Please print the name of the Authorized Contact:
Original Signature of Authorized Contact (For linking additional permits):
Signature: Date:

PS Form 6002, April 2012

PS Form 6001, CAPS Application. All applicants must complete and submit this form to apply for a CAPS account.
PS Form 6003, EFT Authorization Agreement. Only applicants who wish to establish a CAPS debit account complete and submit this form.

Local permit account must be at zero balance at the time of linking. Please submit PS Form 3533 to local permit office

When linking to a CAPS trust account, funds in the local permit account at time of linking (except USPSCA) may be transferred to the CAPS trust account upon written authorization.

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