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PS Form 6001 - Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) Account Application

Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) Account Application

Account Type Requested:
(Form 6003 required)

Company Information

Primary Contact

Other Company Contacts:

Original Signature of Primary Contact

  1. Processing of a CAPS application requires 10-14 days. Account number, password, EFT instructions and other information is then provided by mail.
  2. Information on permits to be paid through a CAPS account must be provided on Form 6002. This form may also be used to link additional permits in the future. To link additional permits, submit account information on PS Form 6002 or on company letterhead to the CAPS Service Center. A permit must be established at the mailing post office before it can be added to a CAPS account.
  3. Change of company contact(s) must be submitted to the CAPS Service Center through the Account Inquiry page or on company letterhead, signed by an authorized contact for the company.
  4. With a CAPS Trust Account, sufficient postage funds must be in the account when mail is presented under any permit linked to that account in order for the mail to be accepted. All products/services payable through CAPS affect the account balance.
  5. A returned debit transaction requires the CAPS customer to submit the applicable funds via wire transfer immediately upon notification by the CAPS Service Center. Failure to do so, and/or debit returns for insufficient funds, may result in revocation of debit account status or termination of the CAPS account.
  6. A CAPS account inactive for 24 months or more will be automatically closed. Refund of balance in a trust account, if more than $100.00, will be mailed to the account address on record.

PS Form 6001, June 2018

PS Form 6002, Local Account Information. All applicants must complete and submit this form with information about current trust accounts.
PS Form 6003, EFT Authorization Agreement. Only applicants who wish to establish a CAPS debit account complete and submit this form.

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